Start/Stop Issue in Plugin Version (video example included)

OVERVIEW: Synthesizer-V does not correctly synchronize with DAW transport controls under certain conditions.

VIDEO EXAMPLE: Dropbox - - Simplify your life (see description, below)

DESCRIPTION: The plugin synchronizes correctly until any audio is exported or any MIDI is bounced to audio within the DAW project. After this point the plugin only responds to the ‘play’ command and ceases to respond to the ‘stop’ command.

As you can see in the video, as soon as any MIDI in the project is bounced to audio, I am unable to stop Synthesizer-V from playing using the DAW’s transport controls. I am using Logic. I am unsure if the bug exists in other DAWs.

Synth-V (1.8.1) | Logic Pro (10.7.7) | Mac Studio M1 (Rosetta Mode)


Also, its play/stop (plugin) buttons aren’t syncronized with the DAW: when you press one in the plugin it only acts in the plugin (and not the daw).

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Hi @dhstsw, I’m not 100% sure but that might be intentional.
I can’t remember what plugin it was, but I used something else that worked this way, too. It was to give you the option to only play back the plugin content.

But even if it is deliberate, yes, it would be great to have an option to tell Synth-V that its transport button should control the DAWs transport (assuming this is possible).

One thing I didn’t mention in the above post, is that once I have rendered something to audio Synthesizer-V’s transport controls seem to become increasingly erratic.

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That’s why is needs to support ARA

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It is possible (Melodyne Plugin does it).
And works with Ableton Live, wich doesn’t have (yet) ARA support.
It’s just one of the things on SV that need to be ironed out.

@nwebb I have the same problem - very annoying. Have to restart Logic Pro X each time the bug occurs - need a fix. @dhstsw - at least the behaviour you describe (this is not the OP’s BUG) does not need a restart of logic pro x. @bitman -agree, need ARA soonest. Does anybody have a workaround for the BUG @nwebb describes without a restart of Logic Pro X ?

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This desperately needs to be fixed! It is a total showstopper bug.

@zenithsoundlab if you are looking for a fix sooner rather than later, your best bet may be to report this issue to them via [email protected] (you are welcome to link them to this thread so that they can see the video example and take note that multiple people are experiencing it. It’s still an issue on my new computer, too).

I reported a different bug last week so I’d rather not have multiple open issues as there may need to be more back and forth on the current one, but I have to say support were fast getting back to me, polite & understanding, and they requested more information to help them determine the issue, which is a great sign.

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Hello there. I did report the issue to them and link back to it. I hope it gets fixed soon because, as of right now, the AU plug-in is unusable.