Copying parameter data

Is there any way (through scripts or otherwise) to copy parameter data, from one parameter to another (different) one? I typically set hitpoints for one parameter, and it becomes a very long and tedious process when I want these same hitpoints in all parameters.

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Could someone knowledgeable confirm or deny whether if what I’m looking to do is possible as of the current version of Synthesizer V. I’m really exhausting myself putting in all these hitpoints manually for every parameter and voice in my projects!

If your goal is just to copy the points from one parameter to another it should be possible with a script.

I expect that would be the only way, aside from manually editing the SVP file, since when you copy points they still only get pasted to the same parameter type that they originated from.


Thank you so much for the answer.

What’s the appropriate forum section for posting script requests?

Oh, my gosh – this is incredible. I opened the svp in Notepad++ and copied the Toneshift points to the Loudness parameter. Opened the project up and – voila! Again, thank you, Claire. This has saved me a lot of time.

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I decided to take a crack at it and came up with this script. It should let you clone any parameter curve to any other parameter type on the same or different track (but I didn’t bother with note groups, so for now you’d have to copy-paste curves into the group from the parent track).

If you select notes it’ll clone any points in between the first and last note of your selection, otherwise it’ll do the whole track.

There’s certainly some room for improvement but I think it should be pretty functional as a first pass.

Easy download links here: (scroll down to utility - CloneParameterCurve.js)

and a link to this script in particular:


I am speechless. I have no speech! I will take this script for a ride within soon.

I am so thankful for your work!


I just tested this now. What a delight! Genius to include “scale”, too. Thank you a bunch!

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