How does the software actually utilize the PC?

I have a lot of Browser Tabs and one stream running in the background and my CPU in task manager is barely stressed (~20%) but for some reason SynthV still has a choppy playback.

I also never seen SynthV (standalone) utilizing more than ~12% of my CPU, It’s generally very lightweight. My DAW in comparison has smooth playback even when it is utilizing over 70%. Is it just unoptimized software? I haven’t found any ‘‘hidden’’ loads in the task manager either :thinking:

Are you using the Basic or Pro edition of the software?

SynthV Studio Basic is limited to 2 rendering threads, which means on a 16-core CPU (ignoring hyperthreading) it can at best leverage two of them, which would be about 12% overall CPU load if both cores were at 100% load.

The Pro edition allows for up to 12 rendering threads, which you can increase in the Settings panel.


Thank you so much Claire, I just maxed the buffer and thread settings out and it seems to run more stable now. CPU load is most of the time around 6% as I am mostly using one voice at a time. RAM usage has doubbled but it only started at 130MB :+1: