How to make Kevin sound like Kenny Loggins

I’m new to VSynthesizer and I just bought Kevin vocal. I’m trying to make him sound like Kenny Loggins in the song Footloose.

Right now I’ve put the notes and lyrics into VSynthesizer but when I play the vocals back, Kevin sounds really weak and more like boyband.

What can I adjust to make him sound rougher like the singer in Footloose?

Thank you


One could act in many ways (e.g., Gender, Tension). Maybe if you let listen the sound you get, somebody might be able to give you some handy suggestions.


AI is not yet “intelligent” yet to know who that Loggins guy is to adjust to your liking and be careful what you wish for because once it gets to that level, it may well say “I aint singin’ that. I have my standards!”

Like real intelligence does. :smile:

Can you imagine the thread titles then.
“I bought Kevin and he refuses to sing my song and Anicute won’t give me a refund!”