M1 & M2 ARM Processor Support?

Out of curiosity, will dreamtonics ever consider making an ARM version of SynthV Studio for Mac? Like it already runs great on rosetta but with native ARM support it could potentially be even faster and better.

For windows users they will not care but as a mac user I think native ARM support should be a thing because if the M2 Max processor has a 12 core CPU, 38 core GPU, and up to 96 GBs of unified memory (RAM), plus the speed and efficiency of the Apple silicon chips. We could potentially gain so much performance with more efficiency instead of running it though rosetta.

Like imagine how fast the rendering would be. Plus with 12 cores and the efficiency of the CPU, background rendering for Synth V’s real-time editing can render faster, with only a blip to milliseconds of latency during live playback. Along with that, the all Apple silicon chips (I believe almost all of them) have a 16 core neural engine which can be used to help with AI rendering.

And with ARM support the efficiency can allow for a better, faster, and potentially smoother workflow in Logic Pro or any DAW on MacOS.

But this is just a recommendation as looking at the M1 and M2 chips and how fast and efficient they are, we could at least have AM support for them to take advantage of the power available.

And yes, I do know that developing and coding for ARM is different than x64 and x86 architecture. So there will be a learning curve. But I think it would be worth it, plus Apple is moving away from intel processors so we might as well have ARM support.

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If I did remember correctly, SV supports Apple Silicon Natively. And that’s about a year ago when the first ARM version was released (from 1.5.1).

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Oh, well I guess I can’t read then. :skull:
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