Odd Behavior With English Dictionary

When using the built-in dictionary, Synthesizer V usually alternates automatically the pronunciation of “the” between /dh ax/ or /dh iy/, based on whether the next word starts with a consonant or a vowel phoneme, respectively.
As an example, “the surface” is converted automatically into phonemes as /dh ax/ /s er f ax s/.
However, I created a custom dictionary and registered “surface” as /s er f ih s/, and now “the” is being converted as /dh iy/ instead of /dh ax/, even though the word still starts with a consonant phoneme, and I didn’t create any entry for “the” in my custom dictionary.

This behavior seems to happen when “the” is followed by any entry in a custom dictionary, as well as notes that use the special “.” lyrics to input phonemes directly.

The simplest solution is to make an alternate dictionary entry for “thuh” (or something similar) as dh ax so you can force it to use either variation (either with “the”, “thee”, or “thuh”).

It’s a workaround, but it at least gives you the control to specify either option while still allowing the automatic behavior in situations where it does work.