Wow~!!! Synthesizer V Studio 1.9.0b1 Update: Rap. So Greaaaaaaat !!

I tested the Rap tool. Really good.
It’s really great.
Thank you~ Sooooooo much for Update~!!


Which VB did you test it on? :open_mouth::sparkles:

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i have 9zero, kevin and Chinese Voices.
Rap Tool. So good~


Ooo amazing!!! I was excited for this :sparkles:

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I agree, it sounds really really great!!! I have a small preference for Ritchie (as a Rapper and as a singer), but DLin is really good, I can’t wait to have them in official version :slight_smile:
If I’m not mistaken, the “Rap” function will be available for all voices? Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

I’m going to do a “fast flow” test to see what happens :slight_smile:
Thank you Kanru and Dreamtonics :heart:

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The update notes say there will be rap support for existing voices, but this will likely be something each developer needs to implement at a later date.

We’ll know for sure once 1.9.0 is out and we get updated versions of third-party voices.


I have a question on behalf of Synth V Wiki (I’m not home rn so I can’t verify myself): Do all of the existing Dreamtonics vocals support rap now or only select vocalists? Thanks!

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From the update notes (Synthesizer V Studio 1.9.0b1 Update: Rap, Cantonese and More | Dreamtonics株式会社)

Initially, support for rap vocals is available in English and Mandarin Chinese; however, we are excited to announce plans for extending this functionality to Japanese in a future update.

Furthermore, this rapping functionality is accessible for both new voices tailored specifically to the hip hop genre and, via the Rap pitch generation mode, to existing voices as well.

I realized that the reason I couldn’t select “Rap” with Mai was because I had Japanese selected. Once you select English or Mandarin, yes, the 1.9.0b1 singing voices can use the “Rap” pitch mode.

1.8.1 or earlier voices like Solaria cannot.


Just tried the new beta release, and there are some handy things.

  1. Instant Mode is now on a note-by-note basis (not the whole track) and called "sing’ mode. Non-Instant Mode is now called “manual mode.” Any note can freely be switched between sing or manual, with a color change from green to blue.

  2. A blue note is frozen - meaning the program will not automatically change it, but you can manually work on it. A green note will write itself according the the AI of the singer selected. If you like a note in green, just make it blue and it will always stay that way. If you don’t like a green note, you can do retakes, or even change the whole singer (temporarily) to another voice, and if there is anything good there, make those notes blue and then change back to your original singer, and it will always sing that note the way another singer would approach it, without altering the other blue notes you already worked on. It’s a different kind of workflow, but gives you more possibilities once you get used to it.

  3. In Sing mode (the old Instant Mode) you can tame the vibrato modulation on a note-by-note basis, which is sometimes useful if you need something fast. Unfortunately it only works on Dreamtonics voices (not Solaria or Asterian) but I’m sure those will be updated now.

  4. The Rap mode is interesting, and I was able to make somewhat passable rap, but it needs a lot of tweaking in the parameter panel at the bottom for something realistic, not to mention altering the pronunciation. But it’s a start, and will only get better.


Excellent news, onomatopoeia work again without false notes :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Thanks Claire :slight_smile:

Simple question: can i install the beta and keep the previous one installed?
I mean, the beta will overwrite the normal one?

(i use SV in production and i need to have it stable).


While you can have multiple versions of a voice database installed, you can only have 1 editor version at a time.


Well, i’ll wait for the final proper release.


I found it while working. The voices in Synthesizer V 1.9.0b1 have more S sounds than in 1.8.1, and the pronunciation seems to be muffled.
The result of working on version 1.8.1 is that the voice is clearer and more accurate.
Am I the only one who sounds like that?
So I downgraded to 1.8.1ver and am using it.
and I hope it doesn’t affect the previous voice bank.
I hope it will be improved in 1.9ver
Thank you for Upgrade~

Don’t know where to put this. This is probably the closest thing to a dedicated 1.9.0 beta thread?

But anyways, Eleanor Forte AI got a beta update as well, with improvements to her pitch model and crosslingual (especially for Japanese)


In case you missed it, version 1.9.0 is now fully released.

All of the Dreamtonics vocals have been updated to their full versions, including the new vocalists Lin Lai and Yun Quan, who only released this past Saturday on Taobao.

All 3rd party vocals have beta updates available.

Lastly, for D-Lin and Ritchy, the two dedicated rap vocalists, their Free-Limited Trials were updated to ver100, with both of them having their avatars revealed


Release notes:


Ritchy and D-Lin are officially released and available for purchase on Dreamtonic’s International and Taobao shops!

Bundle packs with the Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor are also available. And for Taobao only, a dual pack for both vocals (no editor included) is also an option!

Dreamtonics also released the demos again here:


Hi all,

I was super excited about rap synthesis being added but, I have had trouble getting the trial version of Ritchy to sound realistic. I am curious if anyone that has purchased the full voicebank can provide info on whether the full version is easier to work with than the trial? Also, does the the added vocal modes offer a lot more in terms of flexibility over the single mode included in the trial version?

I realize this is the first release and I am sure the technology will improve over time but, I am curious if anyone has had success in using the rap functionality with this first release? I want to continue to support Dreamtonics as much as possible because I think their technology is amazing but, I also don’t want to purchase something that will get little or no use in my productions. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that they have found to make the rap functionality sound on par with the singing functionality in terms of realism?

Thanks in advance.

the full voicebanks are way better and easier to work with than the trial, although what you have to be mindful when buying new voicebanks is, that you have to redo a new process to get in touch in a workflow.
For example, I was used to have Kevin and sometimes Asterian in my productions and learned a lot how both manage to fit in my writing.
Same things you want to do with the new “Ritchy” and “D-Lin” have to be “relearned”, but they are great Voicebanks also.