1.9.0b1 VST利用時にラップ音源が見えない


When launched standalone, I can see the rap compatible instruments, but when launched in vst, the rap instruments appear unavailable. Is this a bug?

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From the update notes (Synthesizer V Studio 1.9.0b1 Update: Rap, Cantonese and More | Dreamtonics株式会社)

While these voices are still under development, we are excited to share our progress with users and have decided to offer them for free through a Feature-Limited Trial (FLT) that includes the enablement of the high-quality rendering mode, subject to the following restrictions:

  • A maximum of one track for each FLT voice.
  • Export: output limited to the first 45 seconds.
  • AI Retakes: Pitch retakes only.
  • Vocal Mode and Cross-Lingual Synthesis: limited options.
  • Use in the standalone editor only.
  • Non-commercial usage only.

I see ,Thanks reply.

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