Help me to change Ooh that sounds UW

Hello friends,

Aah, phoneme is aa
Ooh, phoneme is uw
Why the W ?

I would like to change the « Ooh » to really sound Ooh, because the result in Synthv is Ooh but with the letter W pronounced at the end.

It sounds wrong, how to change that ?


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That is the only English phoneme to create that vowel sound, because it’s based on English vocabulary rather than generic vocalizations. Some English accents have slight variations of that phoneme (for example, the difference between “boot” and “threw”) but for many people they are nearly identical, and that subtle difference is not represented in the phonemes available within SynthV.

If you want an “ooh” sound that is not part of a word, you will likely find more success by changing the language to Japanese and using the u phoneme.

If you do not have access to cross-lingual synthesis because it is a Pro-only feature, you can try reducing the voicing or loudness parameters near the end of the note to remove the “w” sound.

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I generally use "ooh " as the lyric and it seems to work well (at least with Solaria)

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