[Ninezero] Under the stone (original melodic metal)

Hi, here is my first song with Ninezero vocals, in an Ozzy-like style

Comments are welcome :smiley:


A lot happening there. :slight_smile:

Some points that you may or may not want to consider. The drums (especially that kick) sounds very close & center compared the rest (most seems far more distant, including the bass). So, it doesn’t blend as well as it might have done. Also, the verse melody is a bit adventurous, going to the maj 6 (turning it semi Dorian), which can work, but since the vocal is going it alone, it also seems borderline out-of-key. That might work better if you had something (say, a guitar or synth) support it by also playing the note at that time. Just some suggestions. :upside_down_face:

Hi, thanks for the suggestions, i’ll try to fix that in a v2 then :wink:

For some reason the link disappeared. Here a new one.

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