Deaf & Alive - EP with Solaria and Ninezero

Greetings SynthV people!
My name is Furez and a few days ago I released my new EP made using Solaria and Ninezero.
I come from the Vocaloid world ad this is my very first project using Synthesizer-V.
If you like punk-rock, pop punk and rock, please have a try… Hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear your opinions. Thanks!

iTunes: ‎Deaf & Alive - EP by furez on Apple Music

Amazon Music:

Or if you prefer you can find It also in YouTube music or Deezer, just search for “Deaf & Alive”.


Hi furez, I’m going to listen to that and let you know :+1:

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Great job!!! I’m not use to this gender of music but this is really well done!:clap: The production is really clean. Guitar wise are you using plug-in for the sounds? It’s funny to ear Solaria singing in this style, I spend some time working with “her” so it’s strange to ear “her” sing for someone else :joy::crazy_face:. I had this thought sometimes ago thinking that the real singer from who Solaria is coming from is about to ear her voice all around the planet in so many different style!!! Really, nothing more to say than you nailed it​:ok_hand:

Thank you very much for listening! I’m very happy you appreciate, even if it’s not your favourite style.
Yeah, it’s always strange hearing “your singer” in a total different musical contest :slight_smile:
About guitars: I used hardware stuff for recording them (Kemper profiler amp in the specific). I tryed some plugins in the past but i did not have a good feedback from them (a bit laggy, or not very good sounding…).
Thank you again and keep making music! (You’re a Master in it :wink: )

I’m using neural dsp plug in archetypes you’re should check it out, it sounds amazing… :grin: You have a great song, very appropriate for the style!

I’m late to the party, didn’t notice when you posted this.
I like your music, it’s kinda punk with metal guitars and drums.
Pretty cool, and it’s well done and produced.
For my personal taste the vocals, especially from Solaria, could be louder in most of the songs, but I already like it as it is now.
Good job!


Thank you very much for listening :wink: