Activation problem after hardware upgrade

I changed my CPU in my computer.
I went from 3950x to 5950x.
I have a lot of instruments and plugins.
Only 2 said there was a problem with activation.
It was icarus 2, which after re-entering the activation code was unlocked.
I Synthesizer V
The latter says about incorrect activation and gives the address [email protected].
Of course, I wrote about the problem.
I wonder how long it will take?

Dreamtonics usually responds within 1-2 business days. Considering it’s already end-of-day on a Friday in Japan you will likely need to wait until Monday at the earliest.

In the future be sure to deactivate the software before making any changes to hardware or firmware.

They replied to me the next day. Got new serial numbers. Another change in the equipment is a new computer probably in 3 years.
I’m afraid I won’t remember to deactivate. Maybe in 3 years such changes will be more automated? :slight_smile: