Kasane Teto AI growl

I’m confused because I read in a comment on a Youtube video saying Teto’s voicebank has a “growl feature”. However, I don’t see anything like that in Synth V and I’m not sure what this person meant at this point.

I definitely don’t see any feature like that when working with Teto’s voicebank. Maybe this person assumed Teto has a growl feature because some covers manage to use growls (with scripts maybe)?

Are you sure that comment wasn’t referring to her UTAU voicebanks? There is no growl feature for SynthV Studio.

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No they specifically referred to her Synth V voicebank, that’s why I didn’t get it.

I don’t consider myself an expert as I’ve had Synthesizer V Pro since January of this year, but I downloaded some scripts based on a recommendation on this forum and one that I haven’t used yet is the growl.lua file in the script labeled RV Growl and I have it listed in the Real Voice group . I’m from the Czech Republic and female singers here probably don’t use this style, I don’t know of any. It’s probably a specialty of soprano and alto singers in Japan, and I like to learn about their singing, because I like to learn new things. Among the musicians around me, Growl is known as the technique of metal singers. I discovered that a similar technique is used in bass positions that I used in my singing without calling it that before. Until I heard in Geoff Castellucci’s tutorial video that Geoff named this technique as Growl. I have a very favorite A.I. singer Asterian, voiced by the great singer Eric Hollaway. Thanks to Erik, the Asterian can handle deep notes in the contra-octave from E1 to B1, where those notes sound similar to my bass growl. We differ in that he already has a classic bass continuous tone with C2 and I can only sing the C2 as a Growl. I can also perform tones below E1, but their quality is debatable. But Asterian and I teach each other how to sing, while Erik Holaway surpasses us in quality, even though I’m a generation older than him and maybe more. I don’t know his age.

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I am pretty sure this kind of growl is not a native feature in Synthesizer V Studio.
You can use the RV Growl script as recommended before, which does the job very nicely. Additionally, there is a VST plugin by Crypton Future Media called Voice Drive, in which you have various presets for Rough Voice, Pop Growl (the one you’re most likely looking for) and even Grunt. With a combination of the script and VST, you can achieve that kind of growl, but it’s not native in Synthesizer V Studio.

Is Voice Drive really available as an independent product? I can’t seem to find any information about it.

It’s only included with purchase of Hatsune Miku NT. It’s also not advertised as its own plugin, it just happens to be a file included with Piapro Studio NT that can be loaded in a DAW.

Certainly not worth the pricetag just for that one VST.

In general I think it’s a combination of pitch vibration (like what RV Growl does) and distortion, though I don’t know the nuance of how it combines these things or what extra tricks they throw in to make it sound good.

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Probably not. It’s a component of Piapro Studio NT, so using it for a song (especially if you monetize the song) would technically count as piracy if you haven’t purchased Hatsune Miku NT.

For people that do own the product, there’s nothing wrong with downloading from the archive.

VST plugins can be used in a DAW, not within SynthV Studio directly.

nice, thank you so much!