Terms & Commercial Use of Tsurumaki Maki (AH Soft)

I have several questions. First one regarding Dreamtonic’s terms - “You cannot: Distribute works created with this voice database under a different name than the original name for the voice database.”

Does this mean using “Kevin” voicebank but renaming into a new character such as “Eric” for commercial use? For example (different software obviously) Yameii Online being AVANNA voicebank from Vocaloid.

Onto Tsurumaki Maki (AH Soft), i’ve read their FAQ with translations so it could be wrong. Am I able to use it commercially (just making music and distributing to apple, deezer, amazon music and stuff) and am I able to do a character rename like my example on Kevin’s voicebank? (NOT using the original characters name or any official artwork, etc)

[It looks like I am able to register songs using AHS characters] but not sure if the renaming part is allowed?

This is correct. The exact wording from the EULA is:

(1) When Presenting a Rendition, the User must not use names other than designated by Dreamtonics to identify the SVD.

So you can say “Eric voiced by Kevin” or “Eric’s vocals created with SynthV Kevin” but you can’t say “Vocals by Eric”.

As for Maki, there’s an English EULA in the installation directory, no translation necessary. As far as I can tell all AHS voice databases share the same EULA.

  1. Except as otherwise specified, you may use the synthesized sound generated by using this software, whether commercial or non-commercial, free of charge.

The only mention of attribution for Maki is point 11, which only states that you are allowed to do so (no restrictions on how you attribute, nor any requirement to do so).

  1. Except as otherwise specified, the user may indicate that Synthesizer V Studio(or the voice database for Synthesizer V Studio) has been used in your productions.

Thank you. I ordered Maki & Pro from JP so I’m just waiting for the physical item.

Not sure if you can provide more but for Dreamtonics’s terms how do you provide “credit” if it’s uploading to streaming services since they’re strict on titles and such. I understand if it was YouTube descriptions and titles or similar services.

There’s no requirement to provide credit, you just can’t use a different name if you do credit the vocals. Specifying that Kevin was used is just a way to add clarity in situations where it might be ambiguous (such as when the voice is being used for a specific character).

So if you aren’t mentioning “Eric” in your credits, you also don’t need to mention Kevin to clarify the voice source.

If you want/need to be clear about the voice source, you can enter “Kevin” as a vocalist in the metadata.