Synthesizer V Haruno Sora: New Feminine Japanese Voice from AH-Software

Previously released for VOCALOID5 for singing (with 2 voicebanks: Natural and Cool) and VOICEROID2 for speaking, Haruno Sora, voiced by well-known voice actress and singer Inoue Kikuko, is coming to Synthesizer V as an AI voice database and to VOICEPEAK for speech!

Sora will be having a brand new design and her Synthesizer V AI voice library will be shown off at VVV MUSIC LIVE on June 25!


We received confirmation that Synthesizer V AI Haruno Sora will be performing “恋の呪文はソラソラ” at VVV Music Live! This song was written by EHAMIC and was originally released in July 2018, featuring her VOCALOID5 voicebanks.

You can check out the original version here!



Sora will be featured in an upcoming AH-Software livestream on July 26, which is also her character birthday and 5th anniversary!


New AH-Software press release just dropped and revealed that Sora will release for Synthesizer V AI and VOICEPEAK on August 24, 2023~!

For Sora SynthV, she was illustrated by Umetani Atarō, who is very well known in the voice synthesizer fandom for illustrating AH-Software’s characters, including Kaai Yuki, Hiyama Kiyoteru, Macne Nana V4, Macne Petit V4, Tsurumaki Maki (VOICEROID and CeVIO), and Kyomachi Seika (VOICEROID)! They also illustrated Sora’s V5 and VOICEROID versions in the past, so it’s nice to see their work again! As for character design, it was confirmed that this was handled by Hasegawa Umi, who had drawn Poron, Sora’s companion robot!

About the voice itself, Sora can express a wide range of intonations, from a soft and gentle voice quality to a powerful and cool style in the lower range. Her recommended range is C3~E5. She has five confirmed Vocal Modes: Sweet, Soft, Adult, Pop, and Cool. Sora will also be releasing with a Lite version for everyone to try out if they’re not sure about committing to her fully.

Along with the new look and information, Sora’s got five demos public available for now. Check them out!

  1. “赤い橋”
    Music, Lyrics: とくP
    Illustration: チェリ子
    Video: To7
    Music video director: たかぴぃ
  1. “また1つ好きになった” by せきこみごはん
  1. [なにがレトロブームじゃい]
    Music, lyrics: mustie=DC
    Video: マスティ
  1. “ラズベリー”
    Music, lyrics: shino
    Illustration: ハルムラ
  1. “Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!”
    Music, lyrics: ちょむP
    Guitar: takapi
    Illustration: ジンベイ
    Video: 宝塔ちゃん キマシタワーP

And a little bonus of Sora singing “翼” (Tsubasa), which originally featured Nekomura Iroha (and was previously used to show off Saki AI, Kyomachi Seika, and Ryo)

And don’t forget to check out the livestream tomorrow to see Sora’s new softwares in action~!


Did you get to see Sora’s livestream? If you haven’t, here’s the link!

Demonstration timestamps:
52:04 - Short acapella of “アレカコニア” (Arekakonia); known as Synthesizer V Ryo’s demo
54:14 - Short version of “どんな言葉なら届きますか?” (Donna Kotoba Nara Todokimasu ka?); known as Haruno Sora V5’s demo
59:49 - A demo of Sora using English Crosslingual Singing Synthesis (there’s no name for this song/example)
1:01:24 - Short acapella of “Stir Crazy” using English Crosslingual Singing Synthesis; known as Synthesizer V Kevin’s demo
1:03:46 - Short acapella of " 故事的最结尾" (Gùshì de Zuì Jiéwěi / The End of the Story) using Mandarin Chinese Crosslingual Singing Synthesis; known as Synthesizer V Feng Yi’s demo


Haruno Sora Lite is now available! You can now find her in the list of Lite versions on AH-Software: