Pro Starter Pack from AHS (Code Redemption)

Hello, I purchased the Pro Starter Pack from Amazon JP. I activated V Pro smoothly and it also comes with a code for a choosing of any AH-Soft voicebank but I cannot find where to activate such code. The code has 6 inputs while the website to activate voicebanks & synth v is 5 inputs. Does anyone know where to input the code?

Thank you.

The instructions are on the back of the card.

In short, it directs to this page where you enter the coupon code and redeem for your chosen voice database: Synthesizer V スターターパック

This webpage can also be found by running the installer on the DVD, selecting “Install other software” followed by “Voice Database (for Starter pack owners)”.

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Thank you so much. I was translating the back of the card but I think it was only CD installation only or the translator app wasn’t showing the website correctly.