Does Synthesizer V Basic work on Cakewalk?

I can not find the plugin on Cakewalk. I can not even find VST3 plugin after installing Syntehsizer V Basic? Are you only able to get VST(3)s in the full version or am I missing something.

Using the software as a plugin requires the Pro version.

You can find the list of differences between Basic and Pro on the Dreamtonics store page:

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YES, I use it with the pro version. and it works well. couple of issues I have posted recently are not show stoppers though.

  1. can not drop a *.wav file into the plug in, but can insert as an instrument track.
  2. the time markers appear to be different, but again as long as you start DAW at a bar previous it sync’s up ok. no issues.
    really like the product.
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May I kindly ask, just out of curiosity why you would need to add a *wav track into the plugin?

It’s much easier to match a reference track if you have the waveform in the same window.

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I thought maybe you saw some of the other topics I asked about…
but I was using it to try and put the play head exactly where the “human” vocalist had sang a certain note. to try and get the phrasing exactly the same but with the Synth Voice more in tune,… I don’t sing as well as I would like… haha.

so the human voice may start slightly after the beat or before the beat … so to start the Synth voice at exactly the same time… in some cases it worked out ok but in others not so much and I had to put snap o and adjust 1/32 either way just to make it more realistic…
but again to answer your original question, I like Synth V a lot and use it with Cakewalk and it saves me a lot of time instead of using melodyne to fix my own voice. … hope this helps.