"Reset Pitch" no longer resets the transition and vibrato sliders

With 1.9.0b2 out, I just expected nothing new. But what I didn’t expect was a bug right away, and one that personally bothers me. It’s that the “Reset Pitch” button no longer works due to the new pitch mode.

This isn’t really a huge deal, but to me, it’s more of a pet peeve.

It works the same as it did before. Turn on Manual mode, then execute “Reset Pitch” and the pitch deviations will be cleared. The only difference between the previous beta and now is that the notes stay green.

If you have Sing mode active it will do nothing, because the pitch deviations are not in the parameters panel.

I looked into it, and I forgot to mention that Reset Pitch doesn’t change into the paramaters that I set in the Voice panel. For ref, I set Duration Left and Right to 0.070 sec, and both Depth to 0.15 smt. In the Notes Probs. Panel, the duration is 0.090 sec, and the depth is set to 0.

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Ohhh you mean the sliders, not the actual pitch deviation parameter. My mistake, I misunderstood.

Yeah that’s most certainly a bug then.


Also if I make a note Sing Mode it deletes all the vibrato on the Manual notes close to it
(maybe it’s the same thing you mention tho…)