Synthesizer V AI Lin Lai & Yun Quan: New Mandarin Chinese Voices from Dreamtonics

Yesterday, Dreamtonics announced that there would be a new upload coming. Like always for Chinese vocalists, they posted a new poem, which @lenkimo had translated on Twitter~



2023 年 6 月 1 日 17 时,Dreamtonics 邀请你一道聆听新的歌声。

LenKiMo’s Tweets (forum won’t generate them)

Dreamtonics China have released a new teaser today, announcing that the new Chinese vocals will be announced on 1 June at 17.00 BST.

The teaser does not mention ‘people’ this time, but rather depicts a night scene with wind, trees and water, with a fairytale vibe.

Considering with the festival on June 1st, its vocal style is already ready to emerge.

The following is a rough translation of the teaser:

The stars in the sky are asleep
Leaving the wind to run on the ground
It runs to the woods to play with the leaves
The shade rustles and laughs as it moves through
He slips to the river and calls the spring to play
It takes the spring with it and leaps down from the rocky moss

A leaf leaves the branch
Carrying the wind’s song far away
A drop of spring water pops out of the stream
And runs down the hill with the wind’s song

On 1 June 2023 at 17:00, Dreamtonics invites you to listen to a new song. Let’s dream a crisp, clear dream.

Original Source: 动态-哔哩哔哩

Today, two new vocals were revealed: Lin Lai (masculine) and Yun Quan (feminine). What’s more, these two vocals are Synthesizer V’s very first children voice databases, their debuts coinciding with Children’s Day!

Demo song: 闪烁最美的光

LenKiMo’s Tweets:

In conjunction with the International Children’s Day, Dreamtonics China has announced two children AI vocals - masculine Chinese vocal Lin Lai (林籁) and feminine Chinese vocal Yun Quan (韵泉). (1/5)

Lin Lai and Yun Quan are synthetic vocals created specifically for children’s singing needs, with a childlike, crisp sound that meets the needs of creators creating songs for children.

Their name comes from the Chinese idiom Lin Lai Quan Yun (林籁泉韵), which refers to the natural sound of the wind blowing in the woods and the spring lapping against the rocks, expressing the naturalness and beauty of the sound.

One can interpret the name as giving the singers the impression and expectation of naturalness and innocence.

Their demo track, ‘Twinkle the Most Beautiful Light’ (闪烁最美的光), is a typical Chinese children’s song, in which the listener can feel the instability of a child’s voice and the vibrant possibilities within it.

A release date for the new vocals have not been set yet.


Not for my intended use cases atm, but I am happy to see that they keep adding voices that cover completely new ground to their cataloge, instead of variations of the same theme. Good move from their side.




Wow! That’s amazing〜 :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::sparkles:
Lin Lai and Yun Quan will be a really useful voice additions!

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is it available now ? I need this to make children song

Just an announcement so far, there is currently no release date.

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Lin Lai and Yun Quan have been released to Taobao only for now and are not yet on the International store. .w./

They can be purchased on their own, with the Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor, or as a dual pack (does not include editor)

Vocal Modes for both: Gentle, Unadorned, Lively, and Bright

Release notes:


I could not buy from taobao … complicated sign up process :frowning:

Of course. They get the Cheng Xiao treatment.
Why does Taobao have to be so strict to oversea users…?

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Can they not be bought from ParcelUp like Stardust Infinity…? I don’t know why they can’t just make them available with all the other VB’s… :persevere:

Cheng Xiao was eventually added to the Dreamtonics Store, so it should hopefully just be a matter of time.

It would certainly be nice if buying internationally from Taobao were easier, or if Chinese voices were added to the Dreamtonics Store sooner after release, but I think unless someone needs a voice database right now it’s usually preferable to wait a bit than to pay extra for a proxy service.


So, closing in on being half a year after release. Any word on these being available for international buyers yet?

I am waiting too … this is so silly, do they even need us as a buyer?

I’m starting to lose hope. They may be Chinese exclusive for a while until we get the four announced banks. If they still don’t get released after them then I don’t know.

Both Lin Lai and Yun Quan are now available on the Dreamtonics store:


I cannot use the discount code :frowning: expired already … any chance you have discount code Claire?

Discount code?? :eyes:

This is so amazing!!! I’m so happy! Just waiting for Stardust :pray:

I’m not aware of any discount codes for the Dreamtonics store.

before there was this discount code, where you can buy SVstudio + One VB … it was expired