Synthesizer V Studio Pro - Functioning oddly in 1.9.0b2

Heyhey, so I have just re-installed the beta in hopes of fixing this problem I have and found this bug which appears every time. When I now open the software, it requests for my consent to Telemetry data every time now and my language is defaulted to English, normally it is in Mandarin. I can’t change it now, even after trying twice. Earlier, the key was different so as in if I wanted a not in C4, it’d appear on E4. I’m not sure if it is just me but it may not be. I’m on a Mac so it could be an OS specific bug. In addition to this, all of my Recently Opened files have disappeared like they have never been opened. Is there a fix to this? Here is a link to the video, showing what is happening: Video

Please note that the lil Kevin note is me just trying to see if he’s still working, macOS doesn’t like allowing sound on screen recordings.

Hi everyone!

So I thought I should come back here and update yall on what’s going on.

Even in the final version 1.9.0, it’s still malfunctioning like this and it becomes really hard to want to use. Does Dreamtonics have an official support email cause it’s kinda getting ridiculous. :frowning:

If it’s not saving your settings it’s most likely a folder permissions issue (ie the software is being prevented from updating the settings file by your operating system).

I’m not experienced with how file permissions are handled on a Mac, so I’m not sure the exact steps to resolve that. I think you can use UNIX-like terminal commands on Mac but I would be hesitant to suggest it in case there’s some more “proper” way to do it.

You can reach out to Dreamtonics at [email protected] if you need more help.