Saved files seem to change

I’m not completely sure about this, but it appears to me that when you open a saved svp file and make changes to it, those changes are actually affecting the original saved file without re-saving it. Is this true?

Do you have an example of this happening? The file should only be updated if you save.

The only exception is when using SynthV Studio as a plugin. Some DAWs can cause SynthV Studio to save the SVP without direct user input when the DAW performs an autosave, even if the autosave file is saved separately from the main DAW project.

As for why it behaves that way:

Most plugins do not save their state to an external file, so when SynthV receives an instruction to save, it can’t distinguish between an autosave and a user-initiated one.

When the host software needs to perform any type of save, it requests a serialized version of each plugin’s current state. Basically “hey SynthV, tell me what information to save so I can load you again later”. When SynthV is set to save as an external SVP instead of embedded within the DAW project, then when it receives this request from the host it says “nope, nothing to save from me!” and then updates the SVP instead of giving that data to the DAW (or, it probably saves the path to the SVP in the DAW project instead of the entire project state).

This means that when the DAW performs an autosave or makes a backup, it has to ask SynthV for its state, at which point the SVP gets updated.

I doubt there’s any simple way around this without requiring the user to manually save both the DAW and SynthV Studio separately, which would likely result in a lot of lost progress for users who expect the SVP to be updated when the DAW project is saved.

Of course this is somewhat speculation, but seems to be a likely explanation based on these sources: JUCE: Tutorial: Saving and loading your plug-in state and JUCE: AudioProcessor Class Reference

In short, this is likely a limitation of the VST format.

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Hi claire. This is useful info. I will play around with this and see if I can see a pattern to it. But, I’m pretty sure that I simply opened Synth V in Bidule, loaded a saved svp file, altered it, decided I didn’t like what I’d done, and reloaded the original file. The problem was that the svp file had somehow become what I had just done.

I have never seen this problem with anything else I use and I have a LOT of sound libraries and plugins. For example, if I modify a Kontakt instrument but forget to save it, my changes are gone. The original file is unchanged. Everything I use works this way.

However, as I am new to Synth V, it is possible that I did something stupid.

Thanks for the help.