Where can I set the Midi channel for a track?

According to the change log:

"Behavior Changes

Plugin: the piano roll keyboard now only plays tones on the channel corresponding to the current track."

Where can I see or set the channel?


Use the “Channel Layout” option in the Settings panel. The dropdown is only visible when using the software as a plugin.

Once the channel layout is changed you can map the outputs in your DAW the same as other multi-output plugins (Kontakt, drum VSTs, etc.).

So this new feature is really about audio output channels from the Plugin to the daw, and not about choosing a MIDI channel as a way to get note information into the Plugin?


Correct, this is for routing the SynthV tracks to different mixer inserts in the DAW. Previously there was a bug where the piano sound would play across all channels, which would make it very loud.

If you’re looking for a way to move MIDI from the DAW to SynthV Studio, you can technically route a MIDI channel to the plugin (the MIDI input is treated the same as input from a MIDI controller), but since it requires that you play through and “record” the segment in real-time it’s often faster to just export and import the MIDI file.

More info here:

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Right, thanks!
I’ll do it like that… :wink: :+1: