Synth V Feature Requests: More Keyboard Shortcuts


圧倒的にキーボードでエディットするのがすきなので、Claire’s Scriptsすごく助かりましたが、私がDAW上でノートエディットするときによく使うもので追加してほしいものもあります…






After using it for a while, I am actually quite satisfied with the sound quality of Synth V, but I wish there were improvements in terms of usability.

  1. I would like the ability to save the keyboard shortcuts I have set in the settings page to a file or something, which would help in case I accidentally click on the reset button, as it would be a hassle to set them all up again.

  2. It would be great to have a search function for shortcuts since it can become difficult to locate specific ones when there are numerous scripts added. Being able to search by text or key combination would be very convenient.

  3. Regarding note editing:
    I prefer editing midi notes with keyboard shortcuts, and Claire’s Scripts have been very helpful. However, there are some features I would like to have, which i am using a lot when editing notes in my DAW.

    • Shortcuts for note length adjusting: Since I’m not very good at aiming with the mouse, it would be great to have note length adjusting shortcuts which are ctrl+cursor left/right in my DAW, so i dont have to switch to my mouse and move the cursor to the edge of the note to adjust it manually. When attempting to do it with the mouse, the detection of this action can be a bit strict, leading to subtle but accumulating frustration.

    • Shortcut for duplicating notes: A shortcut to quickly duplicate the currently selected note and place it right next to it. This would eliminate the need to switch to the mouse every time I want to create a new note.

    In my case, if these two features were added, I think I would be able to do most of the note editing with just the keyboard (these shortcuts are available in Cubase and Bitwig by default).
    (Ideally, these functions should be included by default rather than relying on scripts…)

  4. Maybe i would like to have an option to disable automatic page scrolling.

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