I am Solaria - Lite vs Full version

Comparing the voices of Solaria Lite and Solaria Full version. I hope it is helpful to some of you!


An interesting study. Are both using the “auto sing” mode, or are you doing manual AI tuning in the Pro version? And curious - what is the pitch of the lowest and highest note you used? Thanks.

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Thank you. I always use the “rerun with new random seed” function in the Auto-process" menu. If it is available, Asterian doesn’t seem to have it. I rerun the seeds until I am satisfied with the output.
The result is much better than anything I could do myself manually :slight_smile:

For this study I transposed the pitch of the Lite version directly on the Pro version.
It may surprise you, but I like Lite much better than Pro. Lite has a charm that Pro doesn’t have, Lite sounds like a woman while Pro sounds like a girl, Lite sings in very low or high levels much better than Pro, which is important for the backing vocals. I let Lite sing, then change the voice to Pro (with a varying mixture of light, airy or solid) while maintaining the pitch curve. In most cases, sometimes it didn’t sound good and I gave a new pitch.

I checked: in the main vocals the range is between C4 and C5, the backings go up to C6 and down to D3.



Thanks for the detailed response. I have Solaria and Natalie and tend to use Natalie more, but your Solaria is very good in that range. I need to give her a try more often.

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I do agree with your assessment of Lite version. I, too, prefer the sound of Solaria on Lite version.

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Ah, good to know, so I am not the only one :wink: Thank you!

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