Test new voices

Hello, someone suggested Lin Lai and Yun Quam as voices for children. Anyone any idea where I can audition them and perhaps buy? Can’t find them on Dreamtonics site. Dave

Lin Lai and Yun Quan were only released very recently, and right now they’re only available on Taobao. Taobao is a Chinese website that can be difficult to register for, navigate, and purchase from for international users.

There are ways around this, like using a proxy service (ie paying a third party like ParcelUp to make the purchase on your behalf), however this does involve an additional cost and the products will likely be added to the Dreamtonics store after some time (if you’d like to inquire about more specific timing/availability you can email [email protected]).

As for trying out the voices, Dreamtonics has not offered trial or lite versions for any of their first-party singing voices since Saki. The only exception is for the new rap voices, Ritchy and D-Lin, but their trials are primarily for testing purposes.

I did a quick search on YouTube and checked their VocaDB pages (韵泉 - Vocaloid Database and 林籁 - Vocaloid Database) and there were a couple examples of people using Yun Quan with Japanese cross-lingual synthesis, but I don’t see any in English yet, so it’s hard to say exactly how they’ll sound.

It might be a bit of a waiting game, since the official demo is of course in Mandarin, the native language for the voice database.

This is the official demo:

Goodness me … what an efficient and helpful lady! Thanks, I’ll wait a bit then. Dave

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Impressive demo. Sounds as though it could be very useful. Can hardly wait.