Synthesizer V KAFU: New Feminine Japanese Voice from KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO and AH-Software, available January 15, 2024

KAFU, based on the Virtual Singer and performer KAF and one of the most well known CeVIO AI Song Voices, was confirmed for Synthesizer V AI and is to be expected for release in Winter 2023!

The announcement was at the end of the “V.I.P -Virtual Isotope Phenomenon- 1st” livestream, along with the confirmation of SEKAI (another vocal from the same “Musical Isotope Series”) coming to VOICEPEAK!

And as a fun little trivia, July 7 marks the 2nd anniversary of KAFU’s release on CeVIO AI back in 2021.

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That’s pretty huge. First Kasane Teto and now KAFU, and notably KAFU has been the biggest competitor for Synthesizer V as far as newly-established vocal synths go.

At the time of writing, VocaDB shows approximately 8700 original songs across all Synthesizer V voice databases (though Chinese songs are generally underrepresented on VocaDB), while KAFU’s CeVIO voice has been used for around 7500 in just two years.

I think it’ll be very interesting to see how many people migrate from the CeVIO version to SynthV Studio. It could be a pretty critical shift in the balance between the two engines (at least for the Japanese market).


This is so exciting!!!


That’s amazing, I love KAFU :face_holding_back_tears:


Interestingly, it seems AH-Software is involved with developing KAFU Synth V and SEKAI Voicepeak~!


Pre-orders for KAFU have been opened! Order her physical copies here! Please note that there’s limited stock, so it’s possible that pre-orders may close early, but they’re willing to reopen again depending on production.

She is available as both a regular release (voice only) and a starter pack paired with Synthesizer V Studio Pro. She’s releasing on January 15, 2024~



The first demonstration of KAFU for Synthesizer V Studio is a cover of Phony by Tsumiki.

The original version of the song is one of the most successful tracks featuring KAFU’s original CeVIO AI voice, and is approaching 50 million views on YouTube.