Synthesizer V KAFU: New Feminine Japanese Voice from KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO and AH-Software

KAFU, based on the Virtual Singer and performer KAF and one of the most well known CeVIO AI Song Voices, was confirmed for Synthesizer V AI and is to be expected for release in Winter 2023!

The announcement was at the end of the “V.I.P -Virtual Isotope Phenomenon- 1st” livestream, along with the confirmation of SEKAI (another vocal from the same “Musical Isotope Series”) coming to VOICEPEAK!

And as a fun little trivia, July 7 marks the 2nd anniversary of KAFU’s release on CeVIO AI back in 2021.

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That’s pretty huge. First Kasane Teto and now KAFU, and notably KAFU has been the biggest competitor for Synthesizer V as far as newly-established vocal synths go.

At the time of writing, VocaDB shows approximately 8700 original songs across all Synthesizer V voice databases (though Chinese songs are generally underrepresented on VocaDB), while KAFU’s CeVIO voice has been used for around 7500 in just two years.

I think it’ll be very interesting to see how many people migrate from the CeVIO version to SynthV Studio. It could be a pretty critical shift in the balance between the two engines (at least for the Japanese market).


This is so exciting!!!


That’s amazing, I love KAFU :face_holding_back_tears:


Interestingly, it seems AH-Software is involved with developing KAFU Synth V and SEKAI Voicepeak~!


Pre-orders for KAFU have been opened! Order her physical copies here! Please note that there’s limited stock, so it’s possible that pre-orders may close early, but they’re willing to reopen again depending on production.

She is available as both a regular release (voice only) and a starter pack paired with Synthesizer V Studio Pro. She’s releasing on January 15, 2024~