User dictionary how to create

First Ive read the unofficial UM good start but way too incomplete, more work needed.

Is there a complete list of phonemes used in SV - the list at the appendix of the UM seems lacking. I thought I saw a drop down list available in SV in a vid somewhere, cant find it
I have googled Arpabet and got a print. SV not the same.

eg I have been trying to construct a phoneme for OH as in "hot, cot spot "etc. Cant seem to make this at all. Nowhere near.

Also I want to create a User Dictionary, have managed to set up a word/phoneme, but while it works for a track, it doesnt save it in the scripts folder (under Dicts)
Is there a more efficient way to create entries say using Word? The existing way will be very laborious, You cant hear the word/phoneme other than play in a note/voice

IMHO this is an important user area where we can all contribute to the KB of SV
pls advise

Do you have an example of what is incomplete? I’ve covered basically every feature the software has to offer in quite a lot of detail, so without specific feedback I can’t know what needs to be added or clarified.

The list of phonemes on the reference page is a complete list for SynthV Studio. The phoneme you’re looking for is likely “ao”.

You say the dictionary is not saving, but does that mean it disappears after you restart the software? If it still exists after a restart then you must just be looking in the wrong location.

If you’re using the Pro edition of the software, select “Open Scripts Folder” under the Scripts menu at the top. The “dicts” folder is beside the scripts folder (not inside it).


On Windows this is Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\dicts

Sorry … but I think the unofficial manual is pretty dam good…

If you make your own dictionary using the SV tab, you just need to recall it when you click on the name drop down tab… Mine seems to work.

Yes I tried it

but I didnt find it anywhere in dict folder

which is why I posted this OP
I went to dict folder as you said, button no entry anywhere for Latin dict
the folder only contains a folder for English arpabet and its empty?
I tried reverting to default dict then back to Latin dict . It must be saving it somewhere?