black chevron in note bar

whats the significance of the black chevron that appeared suddenly in your UUM “Note and Phoneme timing” last example bottom of page

Reply from Claire via github
It just means the note is in Manual Mode. This was a new visual indicator added with 1.9.0, but the prior screenshots were taken when the indicator did not exist. As for this particular page, the pitch mode of the notes is inconsequential.

I’ve been planning to add mention of it to the quickstart section, just haven’t quite gotten around to it yet.

Cheers, now I can sleep at night :laughing:

Shucks I found it in the UUM

Manual Pitch Mode

Experienced users will often want the most manual control over the vocals, without influence from AI-generated behaviors.

Notes in Manual pitch mode have a triangle indicator in their upper right corner, and have a flattened pitch line by default.

A case of RTMS