Suggestions for improving responsiveness on Fedora 38 - (SynthV Basic)

Does anyone have any recommendations for improving the responsiveness on Fedora (I’m running 38)

For example:
Click on “File” - nothing happens
Click on “File” - hold mouse down, move slightly, File drop down opens as expected.
(this is the same with all menu items and drop down)

File Open - does nothing. Ctrl+O does nothing

File ==> Import and Ctrl+Shift+I - does nothing

Import as tracks - opens file dialog box. Select midi file - does nothing.

You can’t exit the application - closing it in the title bar does nothing. You have to kill it from the task manager.

I tried this on a Fedora 38 on a Ryzen CPU and an Intel Core i7 - same results.

I can provide whatever system information you need, maybe this was built with some old UI library?

Thanks All

I tried 1.10.0b1 this morning - same results:

Top menu items don’t work unless hold the mouse down and move the cursor slightly.
Import and import as tracks don’t work - fail silently

Fedora 38 - I can provide whatever information you need for debugging.

(I tried the Windows version in Win 11 and it works fine - but linux is my primary desktop)

Posting on the forums is great for getting advice from other users, but the developers do not actively monitor the topics here. If you need a response from Dreamtonics you should send an email to [email protected].

Thanks Claire - I’m new to the forums. I’ll send the issue to the support email and see what happens.