1100b1 - vocal modes are "subdued", as I would call it

first off, this problem/bug appears on most AHS vocals (basically everyone except Teto) and all TOKYO6 vocals (Karin, Rikka, Chifuyu).

it seems like the Timbre Retakes update messed with the vocal modes quite a bit. they are NOT gone, they are just less effective. you still can hear about 10 - 20% of them when the slider is cranked up to 150%. but on Mai they don’t work at all.


UPDATE: adding Mo Chen to the list

Are you also using the latest beta versions of the voicebanks?

Same issue on Mai (v102b1) and Xia Yu Yao (v102b1). Even without any vocal mode, the base vocal now sound noticeably softer, more breathy. and more nasal (especially when using XLS in non-native language.)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I am on the latest voicebank betas btw

Remember that Dreamtonics doesn’t actively monitor these forums.

Sharing everyone’s different reactions and experiences with the beta is good, especially since it can help other users get a good idea of what to expect before updating, but make sure you also send an email to [email protected] with a description of the issue and a link to this thread so the developers are made aware of the issue.


I noticed the same thing too.