KEVIN and ANRI lost activation

Hi Dreamtonics team,
I hope you are well…

I purchased Kevin in April 2022, and ANRI much earlier. I have been using them successfully until I noticed today that both products all of a sudden appeared as “not activated” in my Synth V today. This is on the same unchanged computer - all my other sound banks (Eleanor, Natalie, etc. do not seem to be affected).

I re-activated the voice banks using the original serial numbers, but as both seem to have an activation limit of 3, I would like to see my original count restored, as I don’t want to be in a situation where I need to do this again, and run out of activations.

Can you help?

Also, can you give me any insight as to why my activations might have been lost?


Hi, Dreamtonics does not respond to this forum. While this is an official forum, Dreamtonics does not participate in it. You would need to contact the companies via their emails.

Please reach out to Dreamtonics (for Kevin) @ [email protected] and AUDIOLOGIE (for ANRI) @ * [email protected] about activation code restorations.

General information can be found here:

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