Synthesizer V Pro extremely slow startup time

If I start Synthesizer V Pro standalone (1.9.0 or 1.5.0), it takes about 25 seconds for it to load, if I start it inside a daw (renoise 3.4.2, presonus studio one 5 artist 5.5.2 or Reaper 6.81), it takes about 22 seconds to load. And that’s not loading a project, just the program. I asked around and it takes others from 3 to 5 seconds even with older computers.

My computer works fine otherwise, everything else loads and runs fast, I have a Ryzen 5 5500 CPU, 32 gigabytes of ram, an SSD, and I’m on Windows 11 with every update installed. I’ve error and performance checked my SSD, and windows task manager shows Synthesizer V Pro taking about 13-15% of CPU time when loading, SSD 0-1%, I have 20 gigabytes of memory free, all the drivers are latest, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Synthesizer V Pro and there was no change, I’ve added exceptions to windows antivirus to exclude Synthesizer V Pro and VST3 folders. I have 75 gigabytes of free space on my system drive.

Any help?

Have you added any large dictionaries? The software validates each dictionary on startup, which could slow things down.

No, I haven’t got any custom dictionaries, I only have three voices installed (solaria, mai and ninezero), otherwise the program is as it installs itself. I just tried 1.10.0b1 and it is as slow as the rest. I noticed synth v becoming slower and slower as it was updated, but the 1.5 version is just as slow now. I’m wondering if it’s gathering some garbage somewhere. I deleted all the backup song files which it creates after crashes but no difference.