Products like gods, after-sales service like shit. Big shit.

Products like gods, after-sales service like shit. Big shit.

I work on a MAC computer. Regularly use time machines to backup the system. Every time the system is restored, all software can be used normally, and even if not, it can be unregistered from the official website of the software. But after several system restores, I was told that the registration code for SV studio pro was being used on another device. Oh my goodness, I have another device, why don’t I know it myself? I bought my computer for 60000 US dollars at the time. Can you give me one? Or can you tell me where the other device is?

It took a long time to search and found out that after re registering three times, the product became invalid.

You are all saying that it is necessary to unregister before reinstalling the system, but why reinstall the system if it is not a system malfunction? My goodness.

You can only seek help from the dealer. Guess what happened? Taobao (Taobao. com) has never been a real person response. Attention, never.

The choices left for me next are not many.

1: Repurchase All

2: Forever abandon this product



I think this feeling will accompany me for a long time.

But at least until the discomfort subsides, I will post my experiences on all social media platforms I can know.

I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience, that’s why it’s recommended not to buy directly from Taobao but to use 3rd party service, hopefully The problem will be resolved quickly

The seller is either Quadimension ([email protected]) or Dreamtonics ([email protected]). Have you tried contacting them directly?

I also think this is something that should really end up high on a backlog. Personally I was made very aware that this is how it works when i bought it, so ive saved my codes and managed my licenses and everything properly, but regardless I think this should be adressed in a future iteration. It’s just too common for plugin stores to have the licenses managed through an online profile today, that sticking with a device dependent system like this simply doesn’t make sense from a usability perspective.


Yes, there isn’t a problem if you’re going to buy a new computer since you can go back on your old computer and unregister. But if the reason why you’re buying a new computer is because your old computer crashed…They really do need to go to an online account system where you can log in to activate and deactivate your licences on your device.

There probably were good reasons for the current system, such as:

  • It reduces the cost of server hosting, since a one-time activation doesn’t need to check repeatedly to see if it has been revoked
  • Dreamtonics was a new company at the time, with no guarantee that they would survive
  • No licensing costs for iLok or similar
  • Users can continue to use the software for the lifetime of their device even during server outages, when offline, or in the event of Dreamtonics going out of business
  • It’s the same model Yamaha uses for Vocaloid, so early-adopters were likely to be familiar with it
  • The extra activation count means that only someone who experiences three hardware failures will end up needing their code reset, or those who repeatedly do not deactivate before uninstalling. The former is very uncommon, but of course it’s bound to happen to someone. The latter has evidently been quite common, given the number of people who have asked about it.

But I think it’s safe to say Dreamtonics has outgrown those justifications.

I’m always a bit wary of enforced always-online software, but it would definitely be a good move to add an optional account integration to make remote revocation possible, even if it did mean that the software would periodically need to check with the servers to make sure its activation is still valid.


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'Nuff said.

I mean, yes, Im arguing from my perspective where internet connection is in abundance, but you are correct that this is a prerogative I occasionally forget :thinking: