Question about Synth V Purchase

I Recently bought Synth V from an Asian website but i can’t seem to recall the name. I initially had downloaded the mac version from them and now I need to download the PC version. I know it’s a shot in the dark, but does anyone know what that website could have been? I remember that they also sold many voice banks. Thank you.

You can download the installers from the Dreamtonics store using your product code, even if you purchased from a different vendor.

There are a couple exceptions, such as Xia Yu Yao and a couple of the AHS voice databases, in which case you might need to contact Voicemith or register your product via AHS MyPage.

If you aren’t sure where you purchased from, search your emails for “Synthesizer V” or check the list in the FAQs, which also includes contact info and links to each storefront:

ooooh that explains why I couldn’t download Yu Yao from there, I was starting to get worried it was some issue with my code or something xD

Thank you Claire you’ve been very helpful. BTW: Where can I find the FAQs?

I linked the FAQ post in my reply. Scroll up and click where it says “FAQs - Read Before Posting” or go to the main page of the forums. It should be pinned to the top of the Lounge category for anyone who hasn’t read it already.