flaw in creating 1.9 compatible svp

i am using 1.10 beta and there is an option to export a svp at 1.9 compatible. useful as i was reinstalling 1.9 due to a plug in i needed to use. however, there is a flaw. because when i opened it and chose a voice, it crashed because the voice had a 1.10 version installed and that is what it defaulted to. there needs to be a way for the program to detect what version is being used, versus what voice version it is detaulting to. because it kind of defeats the purpose of allowing a 1.9 svp for these betas, when you cant even revert and use it.

Make sure you also send an email to [email protected]. The developers do not actively monitor the forums.

Also, if you select an older version of the voice database before saving it will use that version when you load the project. Of course it would be best if the software automatically accounted for incompatible versions, but there is a simple workaround.

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