Audio - MIDI Conversion Tips?

Has anyone compared various audio to MIDI converters? I tried a few online converters - one from spotify - not very good results. Claire suggested Melodyne - and I can do that - but it will cost me $150 USD. I’m wondering if there is a good converter for a better price.

Also, I guess there are various file formats. Midi, UST, etc. Do any render audio - vocals specifically - better?

Thanks in advance.

Vocal Modes are different variations of timbre each AI voice database can produce. For example “power”, “soft”, “clear”, etc.

There is no audio-to-SVP transcription. If you want to do something like this, use Melodyne or a similar program to generate a MIDI file from your recording.

Check the FAQ post and the Unofficial User Manual to get started:

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There are plenty of alternatives, Melodyne is just one that a lot of people already have and isn’t DAW-specific and it’s generally the highest quality option.

Some people will have Newtone, Flex Pitch, or some other DAW-specific option. A free alternative is Vocalshifter.

The other file formats that can be imported like UST or VSQ are project files for other vocal synths, not alternatives to MIDI.

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Thanks for the suggestions Claire.

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Mixcraft is a DAW that has a free version and comes with an audio-to-MIDI capability. You’ll have to go through and clean up the MIDI because consonants can fool with the rhythms a bit, but it often beats having to input from scratch.

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Thx for the suggestion Christian. :+1: