[IPA to Synth] Italian Alphabet

Hi all,

I wanna share with you my analisys of IPA remapping for Italian Alphabet, I hope it can help you to have a more realistic sound! Some letters are not available yet, for them you have to use similar ones.


Thank you Giuseppe;

a question - to use Italian words in SynthV , is it close enough to use the corresponding english phonemes in your chart? What about all the vowels that don’t have an English vowel listed in the chart?

(I’m asking because I need to do a demo of Rossini arietta and I would like the Italian singing to sound authentic.)


Hi bruno,
the English vowels are slightly different from Italian one
As you can see from this image

the only exact corresponding is for

  • Close italian o → English ao
  • Close Italian e → English eh
  • Italian u → English uh

You can surely use also the other English vowels to simulate other letters, but I suggest to move to Cantonese one when is possible, because we have all the correct vowels in that language.


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The best result you can achieve is by mixing a lot and, most importantly, with mandarin phonemes.
Italian vowels can be almost perfectly made using a Japanese and mandarin “mixture”…
As for the Italian “r” it’s everytime a try with English “dx r” , “r dx r” , “t dx l” and so…

Thank you. I didn’t realize that we can mix languages in a SynthesizerV track. I’ll give it a try.

Any news about the italian pronunciation? Thank you for the table, I’m trying to use it for italian songs.

Hi, do you ask about a custom dictionary?
The major problem is that if you want to write a dictionary with the pronunciation you need a multilingual one, feature that at now is not possible to define in Synth.

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Ok. I found how to use different languages in the same voice, I’ll experiment this way :slight_smile:

The tricky part is to switch between languages into the same voice, in particular when you have a consonant in one language and a vowel in other.