How to stretch multiple notes/ノートをまとめて伸ばす方法/如何一起拉伸音符

When I drag the edge of multiple selected notes, each note expands or contracts by the same difference while maintaining its starting point. Is there any way to stretch all the notes together while maintaining their positional relationship based on the starting point of the earliest selected note? If not, I would like you to make one. It is very tedious to do it by hand.


拖动多个选定音符的边缘时,每个音符都会以相同的差值扩张或收缩,同时保持其起点不变。 相反,是否有一种操作可以将音符拉伸到一起,同时保持它们与所选音符中最早音符起点的位置关系? 如果没有,我希望您能制作一个。 手工操作非常繁琐。