Utauloid vbs added to Synth V?

I remeber Kanru saying that we could have utauloid vbs in Synth V, are we still going to be able to do that?
Will a tutorials or something be released to show us how to add utau bank?

Also, what Utauloids are you going to use in Synth V?

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See Custom voicebanks.

This was only the case for Yamine Renri at present, who was rebuilt for her Synthesizer V release and was most likely used to help develop the software. It’s a possibility but not a guarantee that other UTAU vb will be made for / ported to SynthV.


Oh 'cause I remember Kanru Hua replying to a tweet that we’ll be able to import utau vbs

From what I’ve been following it’s never been confirmed one way or the other, but some recent replies do shed more light on the issue: