Voicebank with Trial version

So I downloaded the trial version of Synthesizer V yesterday.
Today I open up the program and try to use it.

I click ‘enter a registration code’ and paste in the registration code for Eleanor Forte:

I hit OK, then continue evaluating
But, here’s where my problem is, when I click the Voice Database Settings, the current voice selection gives me no choices.

I’m new to this, as stated above, so maybe I am doing something wrong. If so, please tell me.
Otherwise if this is a bug, can a moderator move this to the appropriate section?

EDIT: open the images in a new tab if they aren’t preloading in your browser I guess. I can’t see them anyways

As for your singer database, you have to download and install those separately. Go the the synth v download page again and scroll down further. You’ll see the singer databases you can download there.


Thank you, I will try now.

Good day, I am also new and got the same problem. I did download the free voice, but how do I install it. I’m using Ubuntu 18.04