VST won't open in Cubase

I can open the standalone version of Synthesizer V, but when I try to open it as a VST in Cubase it says “disconnected port: 65328”. Can anyone explain how to open it in Cubase please?

The Synthesizer V user manual has a section about linking to a DAW (using Reaper as an example):

Also as bitman mentioned in the forum post they linked to, every time you load Synth V as a vsti, it requires a new port number. If you close Synth V standalone while connected as a vsti, you will lose the connection.

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This is exactly why I don’t use the VST version at all. I stick with the Standalone because I know it’s far more reliable.

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Thank you for your help Kitty, I’ve now been able to link Synth V to Cubase & open it!

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Same :laughing: + LMMS on Linux Doesn’t support this stuff (Ardour Probably does, but I just import Instrumentals, and be done with it)

Confirming that the plugin works on Ardour like a charm as well.

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No solution to this in Cubase? The Reaper example doesn’t really help.

synthesizer v vst (not synthesizer v “studio”) is a legacy version.
Download a current version from Synthesizer V | Dreamtonics株式会社