What is the Eleanore Forte Lite version?

What makes it lite?
why would I want it?
How might it differ from the Eleanore I already possess.

Surely these aren’t hard questions.


I’m interested in this too. I definitely need an English voice and a Japanese voice when I get the editor. Waiting for a good way to compare all the options.


Let me start by saying that the sound library of the first generation of “Synthesizer V Editor” is not supported on the second generation of “Synthesizer V Studio” and needs to be released with an updated version.

The Lite version should be a trial version, and according to the comparison between “Saki” and “Saki Lite Edition”, the Lite version provides only one expressive group and cannot be used for commercial purposes (personal releases need to be noted as “Using Lite Edition”). The full version should be purchased, contain multiple expressive groups, and support for commercial use.

There may be a sale of the full version of “Eleanor Forte” on “Synthesizer V Studio” in the future.
PS: The Expressive Group is the previous Sub-library Settings.

(Translate with translator)

我先说明一下,第一代「Synthesizer V Editor」的声库是不支持在第二代「Synthesizer V Studio」上使用,它需要发布一个更新的版本。

Lite 版应该是一个提供试用的版本,根据「Saki」与「Saki Lite版」的比较,Lite 版本只提供一个表现力分组,而且不能用作商业用途(个人发布时需要注明「使用 Lite 版」)。完整版应该是需要购买的,包含多个表现力分组,而且支持商业用途。

以后或许会有「Eleanor Forte」完整版本的销售。
PS: 表现力分组 就是以前的 从属声库 。



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