[Yamine Renri] katharsis [SynthV Cover]

I’ve been making covers for a while and I can say I’m probably proud of this one that I have no shame on flexing lol


Wonderful! ! !
Can I reprint it to bilibili?


@miracle Of course! Just link back to the youtube video and copy the video description!
Thank you very much!

thank you very much.

Video address: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av42608115
The website needs time to review video,you can look through it later. :smile:


Oh wow this is good tuning!
Very Well done!

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@MarkyChan Thank you!

She sounds really smooth and natural, your turning is really good! The way she changes from sounding really whispery to strong is also very pleasant, so great job~

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@Korona Thank you so much!