Is Genbus License Agreement supposed to be in Chinese?

I set the install language in english yet the License Agreement of Genbu is in Chinese?
If it was Japanese I would think “okay it’s just not translated” but since Genbu is a Japanese Vocal that does seem to be a bit odd to me

Edit: Eleanor does the same

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All the lisence agreements are in Chinese, I assume since the libraries are being distributed through Animen from what I can tell. @khuasw are there English/Japanese translations of the ToS anywhere?

No, renris is in English.
It’s especially weird for eleanor because of how she’s an english synth.

Even if it’s supposed to be that way it’s better to ask (especially as eleanor had some restrictions regarding violence etc. in the preview release)

I apologize for not having prepared English and Japanese versions this time.
Animen has gained ownership of all voicebanks and they are preparing the translated versions.
Meanwhile, Dreamtonics has just finished translating the editor’s EULA to Chinese and Japanese. That part will be updated tomorrow.
Please understand that due to the scope of this project we had tons of documents to localize. I admit though it was a bit rushed to catch the Christmas announcement date.

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Oh, that’s okay!! I just wanted to confirm if that is supposed to be like that or not.
I hope the english translation is readable somewhere when translation is finished as I already installed them for now.

Also while my computer does not like me to use synthesizer V right now it does seem as if renri sounds way more natural now, good job! (this will make tuning the cover I am doing way easier)

I’ll try to give a brief summary of the characters’ EULA. All of them except Yamine Renri have the identical EULA. This summary has no legal validity and is purely for reference.

  • Each licensed user can install the DB on a max of 3 devices.
  • No need for requesting permission for non-commercial usage of the DB. Contact Animen if you’re using for commerical purposes.
  • User-created contents must not violate laws; no nudity / violence / drug-related content.
  • Reverse engineering is prohibited.
  • User may not redistribute/modify the DB.
  • User may not use the DB as part of a paid service.
  • No warranty terms.

Thank you for the quick reply Kanru, this is really helpful :sob: