Pre-purchase questions

I haven’t tried the demo yet but pretty sure the Pro version is going to be more useful - I’ve seen a lot of videos, lots of poor sounding results, many really impressive excellent results - with a scant few videos being well composed tutorials in English - and less pertaining to use in Logic as a plug in - which is how I would approach things.

If I play my melody in Logic and use pitch bend and modulation for vibrato, will these things translate to Synth V?

Is there a way to “link” the MIDI from one track in Logic - to a voice in Synth V? (in other words play Synth V like a software instrument) This would be so one could play edit etc. all “live” within Logic - Or - (so it seems) one has to export a finished MIDI file - and then import it into SV?

I know one can play the notes into the Synth V plug in - in real-time (into SV - not in a Logic track) - or alternatively add one note at a time (yikes!) but being a musician/keyboard player I’d really like to b able to perform and tweak the vocal melody lines on an instrumental track in Logic and have it playback right away for review in Synth V.

Sorry if this is so basic - I don’t totally understand everything just yet.

SynthV Studio uses its own dedicated piano roll because the base functionality offered by DAW piano rolls is not sufficient for the purpose of synthesized vocals. Similarly, it saves a lot more information in an SVP file than can be stored in the MIDI format.

The MIDI sequences in the DAW must be transferred to SynthV by exporting and importing a MIDI file, and additional attributes like velocity or pitch bend will not be carried over.

Vocal pitch patterns are very different from instrumental pitch bends, so unless you’re using the AI-generated pitch curves for a quick result, you will have to study vocals and practice reproducing those patterns to achieve a good result.

Just like a guitar VST can easily sound silly or unrealistic when used by someone unfamiliar with guitars, the same idea applies to vocal synthesizers. Knowledge about singing techniques and phonetics is very valuable, even if you can’t personally sing.

There are upcoming features to streamline this and improve DAW integration, but don’t expect it to pick up the DAW’s pitch bend or velocity values.


Thanks for the clarifications - as a Logic plug in - I can play/record with a MIDI controller into Synth V AU in real time, yes? What do I hear - a patched through MIDI sound - or a synth voice?

With the MIDI notes input in the plug-in - can I quantize - start/stop recording at set measures - copy paste sections - punch in record over areas (probably a more likely variation - to record extra takes I’m guessing). Cut sections out in one take - merge 2 takes into one another? Copy paste would be very useful - then shift things around to create variety.

When recording with a MIDI controller you’ll hear the same piano-like sound as when you click the piano keys on the left side of the application. The notes will have an option to be quantized after recording is completed.

You can see a video demonstration on the Dreamtonics YouTube channel:

Yes, you can copy/paste notes and re-record over any mistakes.

If you want multiple takes, you can simply record to separate tracks.

I would recommend downloading the free Basic edition of the software and skimming the quickstart section of the unofficial user manual to understand the core functionality. You can find all relevant links in the FAQs.

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