[News] Spanish is coming to Synthesizer V Studio!

Eclipsed Sounds has revealed, with the latest SAROS demo song (linked below), official Spanish support for Synthesizer V Studio.

This functionality has been developed primarily by Eclipsed Sounds, in partnership with Dreamtonics, and is the first feature to be developed by a partner company rather than Dreamtonics themselves.

Please note that SAROS is still a native-English voice database with an American accent, however there were efforts made to improve their Spanish fluency.

Spanish support will be available via a beta version coinciding with the release of SAROS. You will not need the beta to use SAROS, just the new Spanish language support.

Compatibility with other voice databases may roll out slower than we are used to, due to this feature being developed by a partner company, but cross-lingual support for Spanish is expected for all AI voice databases once the beta phase has concluded.

Read the full announcement here:


Vamos de fiesta esta noche chicos!!


Esto es genial, I hope the Filipino language support is the next for Synthesizer V Studio
Fun fact: Spanish was an official language in the Philippines until 1987, when it became designated as an auxiliary or “optional and voluntary language”


It would be great if there was some switch in the software to easily choose the language that we want Synth V to sing, but I guess it is not as simple as that. If other languages are added it might be an idea for Dreamtonics to go for the most spoken languages first.


The language is set in the Voice panel for a track/group, or in the Note Properties panel if you only want it to be changed for specific notes.

The default option is based on the native language for the selected voice database. Selecting non-native languages requires the Pro edition of the software and is a feature called “cross-lingual synthesis”.

The current supported languages are English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese Chinese. Spanish will be added to this list in the near future.


This is Fantastic news!!!
I am Spanish Speaker and I have a couple of “in the works” songs in Spanish. Some of the sounds in Spanish were either very difficult or directly impossible to replicate with the existing languages.
I cant wait for those Spanish J, RR, Ñ, C, etc… sounds!!
I can tolerate the singer accents as long as at least the sounds exist!
Also, Spanish sounds will make life a bit easier for those trying to use Synth V in Portuguese, Italian, German, French, etc… as new phonemes will be available that they will be able to use. Might be not exact, but a little help.
Also, this indicates interest by the developers in increasing the reach of the software, so maybe other languages will follow in the future.


Quoting @Perry : “Spanish sounds will make life a bit easier for those trying to use Synth V in Portuguese, Italian, German, French, etc…” I’m curious to see.
Although I already felt that it has been easier to write Spanish sentences rather than Italian and made a Spanish song (la Flaca) wich I have posted here in the forum.
But nonetheless, seeing Spanish happen, makes me feel confident that soon also Italian will finally arrive.

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At least you will have more phonems and sounds available, and I do believe Spanish is one of the more similar sounding languages to Italian… at least more similar than English, Japanese, Madarin and Cantonese, so you will be a step closer. Had a lot of Italian friends and all of them learned Spanish super quickly and had very good pronunciation.

I just happened to think that if there is anyone composing in Greek, they might benefit a lot. I lived with a Greek girl a few years ago and when she was talking in Greek, I always thought she had mircously learnt Spanish overnight until I realized I didn´t understand the words and was actually Greek. Greek and Spanish are very very very close in sounds. Vocabulary, alphabet, grammar, completely different, but soundwise, almost exactly the same.

Spanish support is apparently being developed by the EclipsedSounds team. It makes me believe that after Saros they will probably work on a new Voice that will be bilingüal in English and Spanish. They are based in the USA, country with 80 million of native Spanish Speakers, so I am guessing they already have something in the oven and they are releasing the Spanish support as a part of an ongoing work that is including some Spanish speaking talents. Exciting times ahead!


@Perry and all, It is definitely a good start.
Let’s not stop at that.
I have been communicating with both Dreamtonics and Eclipsed Sounds for a while now, and I will try further and do my best to bring Italian to the scene as well.


They are cotinously improving the software, including new singing modes like the rap mode, pitch and word recognition features, 2 new languages this year (Cantonese and Spanish), and new voices covering new ranges (Hard Rock, Rap, Children…).
I am sure more languages will be part of the future.
Hopefully you will get Italian soon too!


Cool, sounds great in both English and Spanish. Will be purchasing Saros when released


after Dreamtonics announced added Spanish support
please support the Tagalog/Filipino language

Sign the Petition:

Fun fact:
Spanish was the official language of the Philippines for over three centuries during the Spanish colonial rule. However, in 1987, it became an optional and voluntary language along with Arabic. The official languages of the Philippines are now Filipino and English.

In hope that SynthV will support Vietnamesse soon.

Spanish is now available for those who purchased SAROS and are using the latest beta version.

You can submit feedback to Eclipsed Sounds about the Spanish language implementation via the form on their website.

And you can find information about the current beta here:


@claire … Next step, ITALIAN :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1:


Downloaded and installed, but didnt had time to check it yet. Glad there is a full weekend ahead!

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