SAROS: New English Synthesizer V AI from Eclipsed Sounds releasing November, 2023

Eclipsed Sounds teased their newest vocal “SAROS”! Not much is known about them other than the name and the sound of their voice.


From this tiny demo, it seems that it might be a good one. Nice clear below there at the end. Has a bit of that ‘raspy’ sound that Natalie seems to have as well, which I am not sure I am a fan of, but which isn’t bad. Sounds quite different from Kevin or any of the other voices, it seems. Which is great. :grinning:


I have to start saving for this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I hope that this one is not “soaked” in vibrato like other voices but adheres to a more English style when using “instant mode”. I bought asterian but the work involved in taming that wave-like vibrato keeps me from actually using it.


Looks lke SAROS is at least in a usable state, since they’re being demonstrated alongside SOLARIA, ASTERIAN, Ninezero, and Natalie at the Eclipsed Sounds booth at the 2023 NAMM show.

It’s hard to say exactly what this could mean as far as development progress is concerned, but it could indicate that we’ll see more information announced publicly once the show has concluded.


An AHS employee attending the show has shared some images from the booth, so here’s a first look at SAROS’s character design:


Oh wow!!! SAROS is absolutely gorgeous :heart_eyes_cat::sparkles:


Here’s another little teaser for SAROS!


You’ll be happy to hear that the revised “Instant Mode” in 1.9.0 can now distinguish between vibrato and non-vibrato pitch deviations, with a dedicated “Vibrato Modulation” slider from 0 to 200%.


edit: it seems there’s a bug where 0% defaults to 100%, probably because the software is considering “0%” to mean “don’t change the vibrato”

this will probably be fixed for the full version of 1.9.0 but for the moment if you want minimal vibrato, set this slider to 1% (0.01).


Oh wow… you and Synthesozer V just blew my mind!!! What a great feature and what flexibility this will give. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!


@ Claire: I can only say: “YAY!”


And per-note pitch mode with coloured tags on the notes to help you remember! No manual editing anymore, nor ripetute takes anymore, nor scripts anymore. A dream come true from Dreamtonics…

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Pretty impressive. Though, given how dynamic and more advanced this one is meant to be, I can’t imagine it being available for free and available for Basic like Eleanor Forte.

Still, would be nice to have a male voice counterpart for that version to balance things out.

Very much eager to hear SAROS results regardless.

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All voice databases are compatible with SynthV Studio Basic. Additionallly, only the lite versions of Eleanor Forte are available for free. There is a higher quality paid version of Eleanor Forte AI.

“Eleanor Forte lite” is an early demo voice database that was used to develop the English functions of Synthesizer V, and later ported to Synthesizer V Studio.

“Eleanor Forte AI lite” is a lower-quality version of the full (paid) product.

Eclipsed Sounds has released SOLARIA lite in the past, and has confirmed that ASTERIAN will have a lite version at some point in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised to also see a lite version of SAROS, even if we do have to wait some time after release for it to happen.

We’ll surely know more once Eclipsed Sounds makes a public announcement.

If you want to try an Eclipsed Sounds product for free, SOLARIA lite can be downloaded from this Google drive folder (which is linked to from the Eclipsed Sounds FAQ page):


Im intrigued about this one.
The short teasers sound like a male voice to me, and with a nice clear and powerful sound. But the picture seems to be female/androginous looking, and seems to have been advertised as neutral gender? (I might be wrong, read it on some other forums).
The depiction also has strong 70s glam and disco vibes. I am expecting a very versatile and usuable voice.

So far Eclipsed Sounds has only referred to SAROS by they/them pronouns, and the gender ambiguity is intentional. We’ll probably get more information within the next week or so.


I love 70s/80s glam rock, so this is good news for me.
I think this voice will be great for my projects.

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New demo! Full design and logo available now!


Sounds really good!

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Newsletter for SAROS dropped here

Some new information:

  • SAROS’s development will be taken slowly to ensure the same level of quality as SOLARIA and ASTERIAN
  • Currently working on improving the Vocal Modes
  • SAROS is expected to have more Vocal Modes than SOLARIA and ASTERIAN
  • SAROS will have more data than SOLARIA and ASTERIAN
  • Pre-orders and final release date will not be announced until SAROS is fully adjusted
  • If things turn out well, SAROS may release before the end of summer (previously expected for autumn)

A page for their vocal information is also available and subject to change