Synthesizer V studio Pro for Pro Tools AAX plug-in

Hello, I use Synthesizer V Studio Pro in Pro Tools as a plugin through Blue Cat Audio’s Patchworks via VST. Is there any plan to develop an AAX version of Synthesizer V Studio Pro for Pro Tools in the project?

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Dreamtonics does not monitor these forums. Make sure you also send your feedback to [email protected].

Hey Cantoris, I also use Blue Cat Patchwork and I can’t seem to have it working with Pro Tools under VST or AU. I can’t assign a vocal, for example, Solaria. How dis you set yours up? Thx.

Hello Christof, to use Synthesizer V Studio Pro on a Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Close all applications.
  2. Open the latest public version of Synthesizer V Studio Pro (not a beta).
  3. Access the Settings window.
  4. In the General section, uncheck the “Use OpenGL for UI graphics” option.
  5. Navigate to the Rendering section and click on “Restart Live Rendering System.”
  6. Close Synthesizer V Studio Pro.
  7. Launch Pro Tools, create a new session, and add an Instruments Track.
  8. Insert the Blue Cat’s Patchwork Synth plugin in the first slot of the track.
  9. In Patchwork, select “Load AU.”
  10. Choose the Synthesizer V Studio Pro component in the opened component folder.

After loading Synthesizer V Studio Pro in Patchwork, everything should function correctly.
If it works, consider installing the latest version 1.11b3, even if it’s a beta.
This should resolve any issues related to OpenGL graphics acceleration.
I personally had success with this approach.

I currently use Synthesizer V Studio Pro version 1.11b3 on macOS Ventura 13.6.3, in Pro Tools 2023.12 via Blue Cat Audio’s Patchwork version 2.67.
I have not encountered any usability, performance, or latency issues, even in complex configurations with multiple instances; it works flawlessly.

Thank so much for that info, Cantoris_media. I’ll definitely give that a go once at the studio. I’m running the latest version of Sonoma and there are also major issues which I hope the company will iron out.

Hi Cantoris_media,

Unfortunately, following your info, it still does not work under Pro Tools. Being a 20-year beta veteran, I’m pretty good at getting to the bottom of things but this one is bizarre. For example, in the attached screenshot, these are the buttons and fields that work/don’t work. Strangely, I can’t get a voice added to a track. Also, as I pointed out to a few people using macOS 14.3/14.3.1 Sonoma, do NOT use Synthesizer V with this operating system. The app does not work correctly. Anyway, thanks for your help. I appreciate it.