**Fast Way to Make Automatic Harmonies in Synth V**

Fast Way to Make Automatic Harmonies in Synth V

The program Band-in-a-Box (BIAB) has an automatic harmony maker, which takes one vocal part and turns it into harmony. This can work great with Synth V, because you can then assign each harmony part to a different singer, and it is quite realistic. It took only about ten minutes to automatically generate this output from BIAB into Synthesizer V.

BIAB Automatic Harmonies with Synthesizer V


I have BIAB 2021 but never knew can do this thing haahhaa can you enlighten me the way?

In BIAB there is a tab at the top called “harmony.” If you have one track that is either MIDI or Audio with the melody you can select that and ask BIAB to harmonize it. You have different choices, how many harmony parts and the style. It will change the track to play with harmony, but all the notes will be on one track. So export the MIDI out of BIAB, and in a DAW or notation program, open that up and separate the harmony lines each to its own track. (I used Sibelius which does this automatically.) Then open that up by MIDI in Synth V and type in the lyrics.

Thanks…this is interesting. So I could start and write something in my DAW, write a melody part there, arm the BIAB as a plug in and import the melody track from DAW there. Then I would do the harmonies, export them as MIDI files and import them into Synth V, yes?? You said that the harmony notes will be on 1 track but if you export them as .wav files you could then use Melodyne to change them to MIDI or of course just manually separate the harmonies :slight_smile:

Do to this quickly – this is what I recommend:

  1. Write the melody, either in your DAW or directly inside BIAB as a MIDI file. You can hear the BIAB chords in your DAW by exporting the song file from BIAB to your DAW. Do this as MIDI, not audio.
  2. Save the melody you wrote in your DAW and import it into the melody track of BIAB (if you did not write it inside BIAB.)
  3. Select the track with the melody and use the Harmony tab at the top to make your harmonies. Choose whatever harmony template you like, there are a lot of different ones.
  4. Now you will have a single track with harmony – in MIDI format. Save the MIDI file.
  5. Now you need to change the MIDI file to have a different track for each harmony part. Perhaps you can do this inside BIAB, but I don’t know how. Some DAWs and most notations programs (including Sibelius, Dorico and Finale) can automatically “explode” a single track into separate harmony tracks. Some DAWSs can probably do it, but if not you can always make several copies, and delete all the notes except one part in each, but this takes a bit of time.
  6. Once you have your separate tracks, save them as MIDI and open that in Synthesizer V, and assign each line to a different singer to sound realistic. You will have to type in the lyrics.

Everything I said is using BIAB as the standalone program, not the DAW plugin. Perhaps you can do this with the BIAB DAW plugin, but I am not sure, and personally don’t see the need for it. Of course, you need to have chords entered in BIAB, and you can freely change them around and it can regenerate the harmony.

Perhaps you can do the same thing with AUDIO instead of MIDI, because BIAB will also harmonize an audio track, if you want to sing it in. If you do this, I am not sure how easy it is separate the audio into separate tracks. Maybe BIAB can do this, you will have to check the manual. But if you can get separate audio files, then Synthesizer V can use Audio-to-Midi to also put different singers on each harmony line.

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There is also this script for SynthV Studio Pro which will transpose the selection by a certain interval within the specified key. Perhaps not as in-depth as the BIAB templates, but if all you need is a quick starting point for a harmony, this will do it without any other software.

ThomasS is very advanced in working with BIAB and his advice on how to create multiple harmony vocals that fit together is great, that there is a large number of variations, not only in the number of male and female voices, but also how many voices are below or above the basic melody and a large number harmonic tracks for instruments for different styles of music. I have been working like this for years, but not in BIAB, but I use RealBand, which is available with the purchase of BIAB under Windows. Both programs have many common functions and share data. In RealBand, when creating vocals both in midi and in waves, it is possible to divide the resulting vocals into separate tracks. I also use scripts as suggested by Claire and it has the advantage of being handy when working in Synthesizer and easy to use. An interesting possibility is also when using the application from Zplane - Vielklang2. There are many possibilities, but sometimes it’s good to improvise manually…

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