Laggy and stuttering playhead on macOS Sonoma 14.3

Hi all. First of all, congrats on this amazing piece of software. Now the issue… Since updating to macOS 14.3, the playhead in SynthesizerV has become laggy during playback even with just one audio and one voice (Solaria), its movement has become stuttering (it used to be very smooth), and it is often a bit delayed with respect to the audio. Is it a compatibility bug? A graphic one, perhaps? Thanks in advance for any help and fix.
P.S. MacBook Pro 16" M3 Max, 128 GB Ram, 4 TB SSD.

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Compare to THIS discussion … others don’t seem to have that problem.

Maybe contact support.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Version 14.3, the one with which I experience the issue, was distributed just 2 days ago. That discussion you have linked refers to a previou version of Sonoma, in which Synthesizer V worked smoothly and fine for me too.

That would be the first time, that I see any music production software developing issues through a minor macOS update.

Are you sure, that 14.3 is the cause and not something else?

PS: You have a very large SSD … let your Macbook switched on overnight, so that a full trim on the SSD is possible. Maybe that helps.

Of course I cannot be 100% sure, but this minor update is the only thing that has changed in my system. I usually keep the MBP turned on day and night, turning it off only one night per week. I will try running Synthesizer V again this evening and see if something has improved. (I also tried rebooting the MBP before posting here.) Thank you for the advice.

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I think it can be “this minor update” causing issues. I’m experiencing the same also with Logic pro X stuttering and lagging as hell just since updating to Sonoma…

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Thanks for your feedback, Alessandro. I have just tested the other audio programs I mainly use – LogicPro X, Cubase Pro, Finale, WaveLab Pro – and luckily Synthesizer V is the only one suffering from this issue. I forgot to mention that I’m using the Studio Pro version of Synthesizer V. By the way, I also tested the beta version, and it suffers from the same issue.

So, you have no problems at all with Logic pro?

It seems not. I reopened a couple of old songs and they were playing smoothly.

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Then it’s time to contact Apple Support … they need to be aware of this issue. And when they fix it for Logic, it might also fix the SynthV issue. It seems to be connected, doesn’t it?

Such issues, which usually happen right after the major releases of macOS, are the reason, why I always update very late … earliest in April. A further reason is, that many third party developers often need a very long time to get fully compatible again. In music production this is much worse, than in other fields like photography or videography.

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I don’t really think it’s necessary to contact apple support for this. A new OS should work fine with a software that is natively written to fit together.

I think it’s more an incompatibility issue between SONOMA and my “m-audio m-track eight” and so it can be it’s almost the same for SynthesizerV users.

I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with working the OS with our SynthesizerV.

I would ask you @Enrico_Nichelatti , wich audio interface are you working with?
I’m planning to change mine, but now I’m searching for something that is surely compatible.

I wouldn’t suggest my audio interface, as it’s 11 years old :smile: Still working and compatible, nonetheless. It’s a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8. First generation.

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Focusrite seems to be always a synonym for guarantee :grinning: Will evaluate

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Laughing out loud … sorry, no offence, but that is wishful thinking!

Both macOS and iOS have been plagued by tons of bugs in the last 10 years, over and over again. The same applies to Logic.

And in the case of Enrico 14.2 worked fine, 14.3 has issues.

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Fully compatible to Sonoma.

No full compatibility to Sonoma guaranteed so far, as it seems:

" For this reason, we encourage all our dedicated M-Audio product owners to refrain from updating to macOS 14 Sonoma until compatibility with the new operating system can be confirmed."

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The only issue is with Synthesizer, though. All the other programs have no issues.

Both, standalone and VST? Latest version, V1.10.1? Or Beta?

Both standalone and VST. Latest version and beta as well.

What makes me suspect that the incompatibility (or whatever it is) is possibly on the Synh V side – meaning that perhaps a fix can be applied within this software – is the fact that when the playhead reaches the end of the arrangement panel, so that the following part of the song is shown in the panel, the playhead movement becomes instantly smooth as it used to be, to become again laggy and stuttering after a while. This seems to happen at each change of view in the arrangement panel (not in the piano roll). You can see it in the example I’ve uploaded as requested by the Dreamtonics Support Team: